Lisa’s NHS Heroes: Anna

Anna: Lisa’s NHS Heroes

Anna’s portrait is the thirteenth NHS worker for #portraitfornhsheroes.

She trained at Liverpool Medical School and has been a doctor for six years.

During the pandemic, she worked on the pediatric ward in two different hospitals in the South Wales Valleys. Anna said:

“I have learnt the importance of good teamwork – doctors, nurses, healthcare assistance, cleaners, caterers and porters and I’ve absolutely loved the camaraderie between us all. Without my amazing colleagues, we couldn’t have achieved what we have for all the children that have been admitted during this scary time.”

Anna: Portrait versus Photograph

Lisa said:

“Anna is a smiley person. In all the photos she sent me, she has a big smile and told me it’s been difficult knowing that her reassuring expression can’t be seen behind the masks & visors she’s had to wear so she stuck smiley stickers on them!”

The colour palette and textured brushwork emulate the lovely, kind, soft and reassuring qualities of this person. Her stethoscope cascading down implies her level of preparedness and her devotion to caring for others. With the outline of her shoulders blurring into the background, it contrasts with the sharp details of Anna’s facial features, drawing the eye of the viewer.

To view more of Lisa’s portraits of NHS Heroes and read their stories, visit her website. 

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