Lisa’s NHS Heroes: Dr. Angelo

Dr. Angelo: Lisa’s NHS Heroes

It is intriguing that Dr. Angelo always wanted to be a doctor, a profession which digresses from his upbringing in a family of lawyers.

This is Lisa’s twelveth #NHShero.

Working in obstetrics and gynecology at Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast, he initially trained and worked as a GP in Nigeria in 2011 and continued his postgraduate training before relocating with family to the UK in 2018.

Dr. Angelo was redeployed to a designated Coronavirus Emergency Department to help his colleagues out, but since the height of the pandemic he is back in the maternity ward and hoping to become a consultant in a few years.

Using the same colour palette for Dr. Angelo as Bethany, which consisted of two different reds, yellow, blue & brown, Lisa also used a more transparent white so that the glow of the yellow background would slowly seep through. We can see this in his illuminated skin and deepened shadows along his hairline and neck. Dr. Angelo’s arms appear outstretched, to embrace the viewer.

From the explicable appreciation and celebration of hospital staff across the country, Dr. Angelo says: “[…] in recents times I have felt really happy knowing that we really matter”.

Dr Angelo: Initial Stages

Addressing the subject, Lisa said:

“Thank you so much from all of us! I know I said your painting wouldn’t end up yellow but I just love it as it is glowing with courage and optimism, so I hope you do too!”

Dr. Angelo Pictured with Portrait

To view more of Lisa’s portraits of NHS Heroes and read their stories, visit her website. 

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