The Long Walk Home

‘The Long Walk Home’ is an acrylic painting which details the journey for these chickens within the Norfolk fields.

This painting has never been exhibited, and was stored in the studio for some time, with a dark, sombre sky. The canvas was prepared with a red ground colour and PVA glue, scratched as it was drying to create texture. Almost like the long grass blowing in the sand dunes, Lisa said that the painting “suggested itself” to her. It has since been reworked and brightened, with the familiar feature of chickens and their series of adventures continued.

As one of the perfect beach destinations within the United Kingdom, this is a subject matter which is very relatable for the artist and any British viewer. As the country hopes to be eased quickly out of a third lockdown, Lisa daydreams about her future freedom as the summer season approaches:

“Today I took my chickens to the beach & we had a long walk back across the fields. It was windy & there were poppies & other wild flowers amongst the spikey grass.

Well, of course I didn’t really but this definitely happened in my head and studio today!”

Detail: The Long Walk Home

The original painting, The Long Walk Home, is available on Lisa’s website.

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