Gentle Reflection

‘Gentle Reflection’ is an oil and wax painting, measuring 60 x 60cm. It contains a beautiful colour palette that is traditionally autumnal, including browns and greens. This painting is authentic in its highly textural portrayal of water, as the reflections of the trees appear to ripple and distort in the water. The viewer can easily place themselves in front of the lake, and admire the natural surroundings of British countryside.

Lisa speaks about her waterscape painting in further detail:

“I have walked along this canal, observing those reflections for many years. It wasn’t until I was introduced to the cold-wax medium that I felt able to do them justice. Mixing this with my oil paints gave a thicker texture & enabled different tools: a bowl scraper, a BBQ skewer, textured wall paper for printing into. Experimentation, so enjoyable.

I was very grateful to Zest-it who sponsored the LSA exhibition [in 2019] and made me a prize winner, awarding me & encouraging me by gifting their wax medium.

There are lots of YouTube videos about using cold-wax medium online, particularly for abstract work which it’s well suited to. They are so relaxing to watch, I love watching Lisa Boardwine but there are many others.”

Gentle Reflection: Interior Design Ideas

The original painting, Gentle Reflection, is 63 x 63cm (framed) and is available to purchase from Lisa’s website for £650 including UK delivery.

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