The Feeling of Neutral Buoyancy

‘Neutral Buoyancy’ is a large framed acrylic painting, produced in 2015 after Lisa Timmerman returned from Bonaire in the Dutch Antilles. Upon learning to scuba dive, Lisa returned home feeling inspired:

“When we returned, I was left with the feeling of this extraordinary experience of being under the water sinking away from the sunlight above to the dark depths below and to be able to sink down slowly you have to really control your breathing & be very calm. If you panic & rise too quickly it can be very dangerous. Finding the perfect state where you have your breathing under complete control and neither sink nor rise is called ‘Neutral Buoyancy’ and that is what I wanted to paint.”

With this euphoric feeling in mind, the dream-like composition reveals an appreciation of nature, combined with a vivid imagination. The mostly dark-coloured drip marks appear to signify rain, whilst the white roses appear sheltered within the light, fluffy clouds. Through the positioning, the roses almost appear aspirational, as they are placed above the viewer’s eyeline. Instead, we face the monotonous downpour, whilst looking upward and yearning for the luminous, floating roses. The paradox of white clouds and rain serves as a reminder that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

This painting, often termed a ‘statement piece’, captures the ultimate fantasy:

“‘Neutral buoyancy’… Weightlessness, feeling suspended, neither sinking nor floating.

A state of calm & balance, focusing on your own breathing and mortality, allowing you to fly slowly in a mainly silent, multidimensional, cushioned world. If sound comes, it comes from all sides, muffled and unsure of direction.

The light above is golden, the depths below are terror and intrigue. Slow steady breaths dispelling the anxiety of silently entering an uninvited other world….”

Neutral Buoyancy: Interior Design Ideas

The original painting, Neutral Buoyancy, is available on Lisa Timmerman’s website.

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