The Secret Garden

‘The Secret Garden’ was painted in 2019. It was originally featured in a solo exhibition, in collaboration with Marvellous Art Gallery, from 25th November to the 8th December. The Hub Leicester said:

“Despite her fashion background, Timmerman has always seen the world through the eyes of a painter. Her expressive, impressionistic paintings capture the light and colour of nature in beautiful compositions.”

Taken from online inspiration, Lisa envisioned herself “sitting on that bench” within this “peaceful scene”. Although one is surrounded by nature in this garden patio, there is movement in the bright red tones and brushwork.

This landscape painting allows the viewer to escape into ‘The Secret Garden’. As if the viewer has just arrived upon the scene, this fixed moment captures three chickens hurriedly approaching us as a form of welcoming. Their staggered footing further suggests their speed, as well as the overall excitement of a new visitor. This dream-like fantasy includes lots of thriving greenery, which is also contained as to not obstruct the clear pathway leading further into the garden. This trinity of chickens appear as not only our long-awaiting companions, but our entourage upon stepping directly into this painting.

Bringing some rural to the city, this statement piece is central to any room of the home.

The Secret Garden: Interior Design Ideas

The original painting, The Secret Garden, is available to purchase from Lisa Timmerman’s website.

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