Sunlit Tree, Summer Dreaming

‘Sunlit Tree’ is a cold wax and oil painting, measuring at 30 x 40cm. It was painted in October 2019, as part of capturing the wonderful and whimsical canals surrounding Lisa Timmerman’s home. When reflecting on this painting, Lisa said:

“Against that tree, glowing pink in the sunlight, looks like a perfect picnic spot to me.”

As Lisa’s studio is situated by Foxton Locks in Leicestershire, it has become a frequent source of inspiration for waterscape paintings. As the seasons change and vibrant colours are reflected in the water, Lisa found a technique in 2019 that would truly capture this beauty and “really do it justice”. By mixing cold wax and oil paint, Lisa was able to explore this subject matter fully:

“Once I had discovered the technique of mixing cold wax medium into my oil paint, I started to paint the canals daily. The process meant using a silicone bowl scraper to paint with, rather than a brush, and enabled me to avoid the detail and focus on the larger composition of dark and light. The depth of shadows, with the beauty of the reflections shimmering on the surface tension, still fascinate me daily.”

Sunlit Tree: Interior Design Ideas

The original painting, Sunlit Tree, is available on Lisa’s Timmerman’s website.

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