Lavender-Scented Hens

Lavender Scented Hens is an original acrylic painting, which measures at 40cm height x 30cm width. It was painted onto a 3.5cm-Depth Box Canvas, which stands out on any wall of the home. It was painted by Lisa as an appealing and enjoyable scene every season. It is also featured as part of the Artist Support Pledge.

The #ArtistSupportPledge is an initiative which was started by artist Matthew Burrows, whereby artworks are offered for sale at £200 and under (plus postage). When an artist reaches a total of £1,000 of sales, they pledge to buy another artist’s work to keep the initiative going. Anyone, not just artists, can buy through this pledge, taking advantage of pieces specifically selected at reduced rates for the pledge. This artwork is no exception.

Lavender Scented Hens: Artist Support Pledge

This is a beautiful yet familiar scene, set from the front doorway of Lisa’s home. It is also very popular amongst audiences, as Lisa states:

“People love these hen paintings [and] lose themselves in a peaceful world of clucking!”

This soft colour palette of this painting is particularly ‘peaceful’, as the hens walk amongst lavender and towards the viewer. It is very dreamlike, with natural light illuminating the long, winding path and coming through the open door. One can easily immerse themselves within the British countryside, as part of a sensory awakening – from the buzzing bees and ‘clucking hens’ to the comforting aroma of lavender.

Lavender Scented Hens: Interior Design Ideas

The original painting, Lavender Scented Hens, is available to purchase from Lisa Timmerman’s website.

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