When Spring Calls

The original series, Beautiful Day and Beautiful Day Too, were painted on the first beautiful, bright day of 2014. In the Spring, there’s a day which, after a long period of grey, we get the joy of that blue sky without a cloud in the sky. These two paintings sold after Lisa’s first solo exhibition, ‘Shades of an English Life’ at the 78 Derngate Gallery, Northampton, in 2014. These have been scanned and are available as limited-edition, giclée prints which pair well & will stay this vivid blue without fading.

Beautiful Day and Beautiful Day Too

Despite these painting being sold and available as prints, Lisa explains her endless love and reason for repainting this subject matter:

“I never tire of this one, in fact if [Beautiful New Day] sells, I’m sure I’ll enjoy painting it again!”

This spiritually lifting artwork is an acrylic painting on board. It is measured as 63.5cm square when framed, with a white, natural wood-edge frame. The strongly saturated background resembles the warmth of Spring, which almost dominates the skilfully painted flowers in the foreground. Through use of red and green stems, with delicate white, yellow and pink petals, Lisa ensures that these roses are very distinctive.

Lisa takes moments of inspiration from real-life events, and captures the event as it unfolds:

“I paint my life, or at least the good bits, when the sunlight comes in and makes the mundane beautiful”

It is packed full of the fresh air of the outdoors, and available to be a permanent beautiful day in someone else’s home.

Beautiful New Day: Interior Design Ideas

The original painting, Beautiful New Day, is available on Lisa Timmerman’s website

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