Reunited Once More

‘Paula & Chris’ Village Wedding’ was a commission painted by Lisa Timmerman in early 2019. This commission is uniquely charming and timeless for many reasons, but it is also very personal; It was painted directly from the painter’s own memory nine years ago:

“It was my best friend’s wedding, they married in our local church at the top of the hill & we all walked down the hill to a marquee in our garden, it was such a happy moment”.

Since this commission, it has been the only time in which Lisa has painted a self-portrait. Painted in her pale blue bridesmaid dress, Lisa is walking behind the joyful bride and groom, who are leading the procession.

Paula & Chris’ Village Wedding: Lisa’s First Self-Portrait (middle left)

For this commission, Lisa initially sought inspiration from the painting ‘Village Wedding’ by Sir Samuel Luke Fildes, which is also a print found in her parents’ home:

“I’m currently working on an updated version of it, it’s an impossible challenge to match up to the original but I’m loving the opportunity to do a genuine Twenty-First Century version of my best friend’s ‘Middle England‘ village wedding!”

‘Village Wedding’ by Sir Samuel Luke Fildes (1883)

In paying homage to Fildes, known as “a master of sunlight as well as of shade, of festivity […] and a master of reality”, Lisa was challenged in the tonal composition of this painting; In order to capture the flow and rhythm, Lisa had to arrange the active participants as well as onlookers of this happy ceremony.

Paula & Chris’ Village Wedding: Onlookers vs. Participants

The beautifully muted background was so the painting didn’t appear too ‘busy’. A familiar aspect of this painting from Lisa Timmerman would be the two white chickens; It is one of Lisa’s frequented subject matter but, in this case, it is also a humorous allusion to the ‘great hen night’ experienced prior to the wedding.

This uplifting scene has now been immortalised, and modernised a traditional view of wedding proceedings:

“The 21st Century Village Wedding! A labour of love!”

Paula & Chris’ Village Wedding: Interior Design Ideas

For your own personalised commission, email Lisa: You can also visit her website.

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