Winter Wellies and Hens

In 2018, ‘Winter Wellies and Hens’ was originally a commission, based on the client’s idea and colour palette. Lisa Timmerman captures a doorway with chickens frolicking in the snow, with an accessible pair of wellies arranged neatly. With the tangible cold of this festive scene present, Lisa said that finishing this commission was also the “farewell to the longest winter ever!”.

Although the original painting has sold, it is still available as a limited-edition giclée print on beautiful-quality, thick etching paper. The original painting by Lisa has been scanned to produce a limited number of fine art prints, identical in colour to the original painting. Signed and numbered, only twenty-five of these prints will ever be produced.

Winter Wellies and Hens: Framed

Despite the arctic conditions, the pink hues in this painting suggest a tenderness and warmth. It is also interesting to debate whether the viewer has left their wellies outside and retreated into the warmth, or the owner is about to join their hens playing in the snow. The largely ajar door suggests the latter, and that the viewer may be adolescent in the spirit of adventure.

Fine Art Giclée Prints: Interior Design Ideas

Lisa’s unique commissions successfully rise to the challenge of capturing another’s artistic vision. ‘Winter Wellies’, as well as Commissions, can be found on Lisa Timmerman’s website.

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