The Bursting Buds of Spring

Bursting Buds was an acrylic painting, which has since sold. However, the original painting has been scanned onto beautiful, thick etching paper and is available as a fine art giclée print. It is an exclusive, limited-edition print as only twenty-five will ever be produced.

In February 2013, Bursting Buds was one of sixteen artworks exhibited by Lisa at the Parallax Art Fair, Chelsea Town Hall, London. According to an article by The Upcoming at the time, the art fair is defined as follows:

Parallax offers national and international artists a platform to display their work without the risk of high overheads. The result is an eclectic, innovative and exciting exhibition bursting with fresh artistic flavours.”

This bustling function (and increasingly distant memory) was also an opportunity for audiences to converse with the artists openly stood by their artworks:

“These conversations are the best feature of Parallax: learning what inspired the artist, what they were trying to achieve, what the painting means to them and, contrastingly sometimes, offering your own interpretation of the piece; what you see and how it makes you feel as the observer.”

Bursting Buds: Framed

When viewing ‘Bursting Buds’, there is an eloquent dynamism that seems to almost jump off the canvas. This is achieved with deep ocean-blue backdrop, with thin brushstrokes of red to indicate movement. The dark-coloured background further draws out the pink and orange flowers, with the red brushwork thrusting them forward. The diagonal direction in which these flowers are travelling, lead by the bright, open flowers, is almost reminiscent of the wedding bouquet thrown up in celebration.

‘Bursting Buds’ is very impactful in its surprisingly energetic subject matter and bold colour palette.

Bursting Buds: Commission and Interior Design Ideas

To purchase Bursting Buds, or commission it as a larger artwork, please visit Lisa Timmerman’s website.

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