Up The Garden Path

‘Up The Garden Path’ is a small but very striking acrylic painting, measuring 30 x 40cm. As it is painted onto a box canvas, it juts forward and stands out when hung on one’s wall. It is very versatile with infinite interior possibilities, and has a happy and celebratory feel.

It was originally painted on paper for Lisa Timmerman’s husband, Paul, intended as a birthday card. As a unique gift and perspective of their own garden path to their home in Foxton, Leicestershire, Lisa said that she enjoyed the process. From this, Lisa painted a second version the next day that would go onto the canvas it is displayed upon now.

A garden path is often winding, instead of direct. When you ‘lead someone up the garden path’, it is the idiom meaning to deceive someone. However, there is nothing deceiving about this painting; Rather, it is a serene journey immersed in nature, toward the safety and comfort of home.

Previously, Lisa had frequently painted the opposite view of ‘Up The Garden Path’, from inside the house; From previous paintings, Lisa has captured the doorway often with hens running in and out of her real-life home.

Left to Right: The Welcoming, Here Come The Girls, Lavender Scented Hens and Welcoming The Neighbours

With these artworks in mind, ‘Up The Garden Path’ creates a delightful contrast that, according to Lisa, was very satisfying to create. The scene, from the outside looking in, is something which Lisa plans to paint once more. With the New Year rife with new possibilities, there may be the familiar presence of hens travelling up the floral, winding path.

Up The Garden Path: Interior Design Ideas

The acrylic painting, Up The Garden Path, is available to purchase exclusively from Lisa’s website.

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