The Rose-Red Gesture

Smudged Lipstick was originally a still life painting of beautiful and passionate red roses. It was voted as an audience favourite and sold soon after Lisa Timmerman’s second solo exhibition at the ‘Alfred East Gallery’, Kettering Museum from 16th November – 19th December in 2015.

Reflecting on Lisa’s series of rose paintings, they were said to be captured on a glorious “feeling”:

“It was the feeling of complete joy they give me, with their elegant stems and array of shades within [their] petals and buds full of potential.”

Smudged Lipstick: Framed

This ‘Smudged Lipstick’ series was also poignant as part of Lisa’s artistic exploration and journey:

“It was the moment I worked out how to get the sunlight coming through red rose petals without adding white which would have made the petals go pink!”

Although the original painting has sold, ‘Smudged Lipstick’ has been scanned and printed on beautiful-quality, thick etching paper. With only twenty-five produced, this giclée print is identical in colour to the original painting.

Combined with dark undertones, the red roses are enriched with vibrancy. It also creates depth, as if the roses are emerging from the undergrowth, their lustrous petals open. The detailed lower composition is contrasted by the ‘smudged’ roses in the upper half of the painting. With the pale blue reminiscent of a warm, summer day, the smudging may be illustrating the haze of high humidity.

Overall, ‘Smudged Lipstick’ is highly evocative of summer romance, with the red roses as a visual gift.

For more information about these fine art giclée prints, please visit Lisa’s website.

Fine Art Giclée Prints: Interior Design Ideas


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