White Roses, Whispering Shadows

During a specific period in Lisa’s art career, she was ‘obsessed’ with white roses for their “beauty, purity and tragedy”. The original acrylic painting, Whispering Shadows, was painted and sold at the ‘Open Door Gallery’ in Market Harborough, Leicestershire, in 2014. When citing her inspiration, Lisa said:

“I came downstairs one day and a stream of light was coming through the glass in the door from between the trees outside and hitting the vase of roses, casting a beautiful shadow across the wall. Two minutes later, and it was gone.”

From this quotation, we see Lisa’s Whispering Shadows as the permanency of a fleeting, magical moment where the trajectory of light exaggerates the form of the flowers.

White roses, as Lisa explains, are never really white as there are so many colours that are hidden in their folds and shadows. As they are an artistic challenge in themselves, white roses can be viewed as an endless source of inspiration and a reminder to push our creative boundaries.

Due to this painting’s popularity, it was also commissioned and repainted on a larger scale, titled ‘Dancing Shadows’, in 2015.

Dancing Shadows (70 x 100cm)

‘Whispering Shadows’ is still available as a signed and limited edition fine art giclée print on beautiful-quality, thick etching paper. It is also available as a framed piece, with either a shallow or deep coastal wooden frame.

Whispering Shadows: Framing Option

For more purchase details about this giclée print and framing, please visit Lisa’s website.

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