Inside Blues: 2020 Edition

‘Inside Blues’, painted in 2014, was exhibited not only at the Harborough Museum, Market Harborough, but also the 78 Derngate Gallery in Northampton. Interestingly, the second location was also Lisa’s first ever solo exhibition, ‘Shades of an English Life’. It lasted over a three-month period, debuting in July 2014.

Inside Blues: ‘Shades of an English Life’ Exhibition at the 78 Derngate Gallery, Northampton

Whilst advertising the exhibition on social media, the 78 Derngate Gallery stated:

“If you have a fondness for fowl or fabulous flowers, Lisa Timmerman’s beautiful summer exhibition is [an] opportunity to see, and perhaps buy, one of her wonderful paintings”.

With regards to ‘fowl’ and ‘flowers, this painting could be considered an anomaly; Although it is clearly a study of light and shadow, much like Lisa’s other paintings, it stands out in terms of subject matter. Regardless, in depicting the flooding yellow sunrise in this painting, Lisa furthers her exploration of light and feeling:

“They say, ‘paint what you know’ and me and this kitchen sink go way back! […] The way the light came in a couple of weeks ago had to be captured. It turned my pale grey kitchen & white sink into fifty shades of blue & purple”.

At the time of painting, Lisa’s husband and sons were outside whilst Lisa was inside. Her artistic solitude inverts the idiom, “on the outside, looking in”, which has become a universal experience during the numerous lockdowns in the United Kingdom to fight COVID-19. Being an ‘insider’, rather than an ‘outsider’ enjoying the lovely sunshine, has caused the resultant ‘blues’.

However, this painting is also a fixed a moment in time for us to reflect and appreciate the beauty of something as domestic and mundane as the kitchen sink. Objects, including a frying pan and plate, serve as a reminder that the kitchen is also a creative, culinary space As Lisa asserts, it important to observe and appreciate the little things:

“Beauty is all around us, isn’t it, if we have the luxury of time to look!”

Inside Blues: Interior Design Ideas

The original painting, Inside Blues, is available to purchase from Lisa’s website or via Artfinder.

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