Rose and Sage: The Curiously Colourful Canals

At one time, Lisa was enthralled by the waterscape scenes near her home:

“I love painting water & reflections, it’s so relaxing and I was lost in them for a while!”

‘Rose and Sage’ is a small-scale oil and wax painting. It was heavily based on the painting, ‘From The Swingbridge to the Locks’. It was one of three paintings commissioned by the brand, DeVOL Kitchens, to be displayed and for sale at their head office space in Cotes Mill, Loughborough.

From The Swingbridge to the Locks Print (available as 30x30cm, 50x50cm, 80x80cm)

This seemingly impressionistic painting was quickly sold. Since this, the print version is available to purchase or hire from there, as well as from Lisa’s website as a large, framed print. It comes in several sizes, unframed or framed.

Returning to the focal painting, the titular green water, in various shades from the overshadowing trees, is balanced by the ‘rose’ canal boats and pathway. According to Lisa, this painting is quite dark as often, when visiting the canals, one will walk in greatly shaded areas. However, this is counteracted by the lighter shades of this painting. One will come out of the dark and towards the shimmering and speckled light coming through the trees, guided by the direction of the water. For Lisa, this painting captures the optimism of sunlight and overcoming the dark.

Following this, one’s vision can become warped when examining the textural detail of the painting, . It is only from a distance that our perspective is clarified as viewing a hidden treasure of British countryside: the canals of Foxton Locks, in which Lisa inhabits. Although this may not hold as much sentiment to the average viewer, we can clearly envision ourselves at this splendid scene, with our imagination actively encouraged.

Rose and Sage: Interior Design Ideas

To find out more about the original painting, Rose and Sage, please visit Lisa’s website or Big Cartel.

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