The Hens of Homecoming

‘The Homecoming’ was originally an acrylic painting on canvas, which was sold at the Chelsea Town Hall ‘Parallax’ Art Fair in 2012. Since this, it has been sold as a limited edition of fifty fine art giclée prints, with the option to have it framed on Lisa Timmerman’s website.

Giclée prints are not like a normal print that will fade in time. Rather, this type of print retains the intensity of colour just like the original painting, which has been scanned to produce them. Printed onto thick etching type paper, almost like card, these prints are the perfect alternative when the original painting has already sold.

With approximately twenty sales of ‘The Homecoming’ to date, Lisa claims this to be her most popular print:

“It’s amazed me how popular it’s been, I painted it really early on [in my career] and I remember I was really pleased with it!”

One could argue that the viewer plays an optimal role in this painting, as if being greeted by a brood of welcoming hens. With many of Lisa’s audience commenting on its heavenly qualities, as if entering the gates of heaven, this painting radiates blissful light and optimism. Similarly, Lisa has positive associations of joyful, family reunion with this print:

“[This image] seems to mean lots of different things to different people […] it always made me think of my boys coming home from university, like homing hens!”

The Homecoming: Framed & Interior Design Ideas

‘The Homecoming’, along with the option of framing, is available to purchase from Lisa Timmerman’s website.

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