Braving the Bluebell Woods

‘Hens in the Bluebell Woods’ depicts small and vulnerable hens on an epic and potentially dangerous journey, hence their preference to remain as a collective.

Lisa Timmerman painted ‘Hens in the Bluebell Woods’ in acrylics on a deep box canvas in 2016, which she speaks about:

“[I] literally felt bad for scaring my lovely hens with those threatening woods! But you have to paint how you feel & some days are like this; There is light, I’m just never sure whether they’re walking towards it or away from it.”

In terms of an optical illusion, this painting asks the direction which the hens are moving, whether that be toward or away from the viewer. This is an often-debated question, as the painting appears to change each time you look at it.

Although the woods may appear malicious to some, it also has a magical feel to it with a soft but vibrant colour palette. It also has a white stream of light, as if the chickens have descended from, or are ascending to, an otherworldly origin. Featuring Lisa’s frequented subject matter, also known as her legendary ‘girls’, this painting emphasises a sense of journey and appears to inspire.

Hens in The Bluebell Woods: Interior Design Ideas

The original painting, ‘Hens in The Bluebell Woods’, is available to buy from Lisa Timmerman’s website.

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