Underground Communication: A Floral Fantasy

‘Underground Communication’ is a metre square painting which was part of a series, painted a year before Lisa Timmerman’s canal landscapes.

The 2017 documentary with the Oscar-winning actress, ‘Judi Dench: My Passion for Trees’, was a crucial source of inspiration:

“I had seen a television program about Dame Judi Dench & her passion for walking through forests, specifically how the trees communicate as the fungi is all connected & communicates underground! It was absolutely fascinating, so the next day I painted my roses, communicating underground from an insect’s perspective”.

From the concept of an underground communication, Lisa went on to paint a series of similar subject matter that would capture this intriguing concept with roses. Our lowered perspective of the entangled roots, placed in the soil, only fuels our childlike wonder and imagination:

“I just love the idea, it felt a bit Disney, like the Earth was quietly controlled by a good force & was essentially a good safe place, the way I remember thinking as a child & I was amazed to find out it was true.”

Underground Communication: Details and Interior Ideas

The Original Painting, Underground Communication, is available to purchase from Lisa Timmerman’s website.

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