Reminiscing in the Warm Fields of Autumn

‘Warm Fields’ is part of a series of paintings by Lisa Timmerman which depict the water and canals around Foxton, Leicestershire, where she lives and works. It was painted with oil paint, cold wax medium & a silicone bowl scraper, without the use of a paint brush.

This painting is very similar to ‘Trees but No Swans’, which is significant as the first of Lisa’s painting journey with the Foxton canals in July 2018. Lisa describes it as capturing a position of peace and solitude for local wildlife: “It is the place where the swans often sit, inaccessible to the tow path.”

Trees but No Swans (60x60cm)

From taking a near-identical scene and drastically changing the colour palette, Lisa has purposefully illustrated seasonal change in ‘Warm Fields’.

The waterscape was also featured in her third solo exhibition, ‘On Reflection’, at the Marvellous Art Gallery, Leicester in 2019.

The exhibition title, ‘On Reflection’, relates the glistening, reflective water of ‘Warm Fields’. Set in the British countryside, it encapsulates the beauty of the autumnal weather. The dark colours of the overhanging trees reflecting in the canal are balanced by ‘warm’ colours, like the strikingly orange fields. Although the warmer seasons have passed, with darker and colder months ahead, this painting exudes light and positivity – an aspirational screenshot of what will come again.

Warm Fields (63 x 63cm, inc. frame)

The original painting, ‘Warm Fields’, has been sold. To view similar paintings for sale, please visit Lisa Timmerman’s website.

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