Restless Orange in the Calm Blue: A Koi Fish Study

‘Koi Study No. 10’ is part of a series of paintings, which capture the vibrancy and energy of the Koi fish. This painting was also featured in the Leicester Society of Artists online exhibition, ‘Inspired April’, in 2020.

Koi fish are exceptionally unique in their ability to swim against the current and travel upstream, which is why they symbolise perseverance in Japanese culture. They are also very resilient as they can survive all year round, in water temperatures as low as 0°C.

In this painting, our elevated perspective enables us to view the calming blue ripples contrasted by the dynamism of the strikingly orange fish. The shadows along the edge of the composition, possibly from trees positioned above, is further darkened through use of a carbon black oil stick.
This painting appears as a fixed moment in time, yet it actively feeds into our imagination and captivation.

In choosing this subject matter, Lisa Timmerman remarks:

“Pretty koi fish capture my fascination, as they dip up & down in the water, changing colour as they break the surface tension.”

Lisa Timmerman’s Koi Fish Paintings

To view this and more of Lisa’s koi fish paintings, please check out her website.

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