Catching The Light: Childhood, Innocence, Memories

‘Catching The Light’ was produced in anticipation of Lisa’s second solo exhibition, ‘Tones of Velvet Bohemia’, at the Alfred East Gallery, Kettering Museum, Kettering in 2015. The red ground colour was consciously changed from the dangerously vibrant ‘Vermillion’ to a softer ‘Permanent Rose’, which has more of a blue undertone. This gives more of a romantic feel to the painting.

In accordance with the Leicester Society of Artists, this painting is a clear example of Lisa’s artistic process in celebration of seasonal change:

“Lisa’s inspiration comes from the process of capturing light and the way it affects mood and creates atmosphere in her paintings. Childhood, innocence, memories of speckled light, looking up through leaves & petals towards sunlight & shafts of light awakening darkness give an optimistic personality to her paintings.”

In terms of the British aphorism, “keep your chin up”, the action of looking up is associated with an increased awareness and optimism, despite difficult circumstances. Beautiful architecture, for example Cathedrals, always give their viewers rewarding and uplifting scenes, should they raise their chin upwards.

Upon discussing this artwork, Lisa has a certain affinity to the subject matter:

“I just love roses, especially white ones as they are never really white at all but have so many colours in their folds & shadows, they are an endless source of inspiration to me and I probably attach more symbolism to them than is entirely healthy!”

Combining the white roses and the viewer’s upward perspective produces an immersive and appreciative experience of nature, as carefree and imaginative as a child: “A dreamer that would fall into the flowerbeds and interpret the floating, clouds in the summer sky”.

Catching The Light: Framed (57 x 56cm)

The original painting, ‘Catching The Light’ is now available to purchase from Artfinder.

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